Only One


I’m on a mission to help  100,000 people to achieve high productivity and high creativity experiencing longevity using EPLIMO.

Personalized Lifestyle Modification using Epigenetics (EPLIMO)

You are unique; not just because of your physical appearance or your thought process, but due to your genetic and metabolic profiles.  Genetic profile is the genetic data stored in your DNA and Metabolic profile shows how food gets converted into energy and building blocks for cells inside your body.

No two persons have the same geno-metabolic profiles.   Hence nutrition for someone could be toxin for someone else. Also, while cardio exercise strengthens someone’s hearts, the same can damage the heart muscles of someone else.  Jumping into some diet plans or enrolling for some fitness programs without knowing your geno-metabolic profile can cause more damages than expected benefits.

Practice Makes Perfect

Experienced Lifestyle
Optimization Coach

I help my students to practice independently, into the real world! I help them to improve their exercise steps, Yoga Asana and Meditation skills, so they become confident in what they do and more natural in their daily life.

My goal is to transform your desires into reality. It is not only about improving your health but helping you overcoming everyday problems and excelling in every part of your life. This coaching will bring positive changes in your life from your current position.

Same as an athlete gets trained under expert coaches, I would train you to be an expert in your lifestyle and take charge of your life and teach you how to maintain your internal happiness.

This course would be a mixture of trainer, therapist, and nutritionist.

Have you seen a cheerleader?

This session will act as a cheerleader in your life and will help you stay motivated in any situation as a companion!

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